Who We Are

Jan Kuha, Founder and Managing Wealth Advisor at
J. Benjamin Financial

After spending the first 5 years of his career at a large brokerage firm, Jan decided there was a better way. A better way for both he and the clients. Jan knows the relationship is paramount and that every call to a client should not be a sales call. The way to get rid of that was to eliminate commission for selling investments as incentive to call. So in July of 2016 he started J. Benjamin Financial. He is here to serve the needs of his clients by advising them about their financial planning and investments.

J. Benjamin is a fee for service business. The advisors are compensated for the advice they give and not for the products they sell. Jan's mission now two fold. He is making sure every client has the experience and service they deserve by working with an advisor who is on their team and not someone who is motivated by sales. The second mission is to free advisors from big brokerage firms to do the same. 

Michael Ciavolino,
Investment Advisor

Michael Ciavolino is always thinking about the future by helping clients make important plans to build their portfolios, get ready for retirement and manage their estates.

“I’ve always loved direct marketing and sales,” says Michael, “especially when it comes to helping people manage their money.” He has been successful in his career because his first priority is to create plans for what’s best for each individual client.