Help business owners grow and thrive by developing a plan to withstand both predictable and unpredictable circumstances.  By providing a detailed plan, a substantial amount of uncertainty and worry are removed from the decision-making process.


Transparency: effective communication, proactive

Integrity: humble and passionate, admit shortcomings, have empathy

Skill:  work to understand your business and provide innovative solutions tailored to your special needs

Expertise:  specializing in the needs of small to mid-sized businesses


Our top-down approach starts with the needs of the business and the business-owner:

1-Evaluate the business and recommend solutions which will secure the business and maintain its existence

2-Secure key employees (decision-makers, people fundamental to the success and growth of the company)

3-Provide group benefits (disability insurance, retirement benefits)

4-Evaluate and secure business owner’s personal finances separate from the business entity


We are not suitable for every type of business or business owner.  Our clients have clearly defined goals and expectations of themselves, their business, and us.


We value the ecosystem created by the small business owner.  We are looking for those individuals who endeavor to make the world around them more robust by providing a high level of professionalism and a quality product.




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Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for an entrepreneur is managing the cash flow of the business so that it supports both the success and sustainability of the business as well as subsidizing day-to-day personal expenses.




Our practice has developed and adheres to 7 key money-management principles for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Your business is an investment.  Your time, effort and money equate to stock in your business.  We take this into consideration when we build your business and personal investment portfolios. 


Heavy reliance on a few key individuals, a limited supply of reserve capital, or owning and managing a business are examples of additional challenges that business owners face. Risk can be managed and minimized with proper guidance and the appropriate solutions. Risk protection offerings include insurance products (Key-man, life, disability and income protection), that guarantee the survival of your business.


We develop solutions and adjust recommendations for all phases of the business from initial evaluation to deploying a buy/sell agreement when it is time for the business owner to step-away. The recommendations are driven by the expectations of the business owner. 


Various 401k plans and IRAs are essential to thriving small businesses for recruitment and retention of employees. Additionally, retirement savings plans are an important way for the business owner to reduce personal and business taxes and build personal wealth.



I understand the needs of the entrepreneur because I am one
— Jan Kuha


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