Our Mission, Our Promise

We recognize the sacrifice it takes to grow a company from scratch. The long hours, the time away from family and friends. We help business owners grow and protect their company by developing a plan to withstand both predictable and unpredictable circumstances.  

It is our promise to deliver an experience that is professional, skilled and transparent. We promise to handle all tasks with great attention to detail and to always put the needs of our clients first. 

Jan Kuha,Founder, Managing wealth advisor

Born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jan has been an entrepreneur since he was 10 years old. After graduation from Marywood University, he relocated to Charleston, South Carolina and began building his career as a Financial Advisor for a large brokerage firm. During that time he grew to understand the needs of his clients, identifying his value as the ability help entrepreneurs preserve, grow and transfer what they have built. Working with business owners became very personal to him because he is also one.

He realized the need for a service role instead of a sales role and ultimately founded J.Benjamin Financial in 2016. Since then, Jan has been helping business owners incorporate sound financial business practices and make better day-to-day decisions. J. Benjamin Financial does not charge commissions and has no revenue sharing deals with investment providers. We work only for our clients and only in their best interests. 


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Our Approach

is to help you, the business owner, maintain your company while incentivizing employees. Can you answer these questions?

1. What happens to my company if something happens to me? Using financial strategies we can show how to fund a buy/sell agreement that will ensure the existence or transfer of your business after your exit. We work with clients business attorneys during this process. If you do not have one, we can make an introduction.

2. What happens to my business if I lose a top executive or key sales person? We work with the owners to show them ways to incentivize the top performers in their businesses to ensure a higher level of loyalty. Recruiters are after your people. Give them a reason to stick around.

3. How do I attract and retain the masses of my workforce? You can do this by having the proper group benefit plans. Company retirement plans come in many shapes and sizes. We have a team ready to help you find the right one for your size company and employee base. We come and educate your employees on the benefits of saving for retirement through the company plan.

4. How do I maintain my lifestyle after I am done working? This applies specifically to the business owner. You have worked the hardest for your company and should benefit the most. You are used to having monthly revenue coming in and how do you maintain that after you are done working? We will create a long term financial plan to help you maintain the lifestyle you want.

Cash Flow

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for an entrepreneur is managing the cash flow of the business so that it supports both the success and sustainability of the business as well as subsidizing day-to-day personal expenses.

Risk Protection

Heavy reliance on a few key individuals, a limited supply of reserve capital, or owning and managing a business are examples of additional challenges that business owners face. Risk can be managed and minimized with proper guidance and the appropriate solutions. Risk protection offerings include insurance products (Key-man, life, disability and income protection), that guarantee the survival of your business.

Benefit Programs

Various 401k plans and IRAs are essential to thriving small businesses for recruitment and retention of employees. Additionally, retirement savings plans are an important way for the business owner to reduce personal and business taxes and build personal wealth. We can also help with group disability and group life insurance programs. 

Wealth Management

Our practice has developed and adheres to 7 key money-management principles for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Your business is an investment.  Your time, effort and money equate to stock in your business.  We take this into consideration when we build your business and personal investment portfolios. 

Business Planning

We develop solutions and adjust recommendations for all phases of the business from initial evaluation to deploying a buy/sell agreement when it is time for the business owner to step-away. The recommendations are driven by the expectations of the business owner. 

Our Clients

We are best suited to work with business owners that have clear ideas for the growth, maintenance and transfer of their companies. They have clearly defined goals and expectation of themselves, their business, and us. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or run a family owned business, we have the resources to help you. Some people start businesses to which they are not emotionally connected but have recognized an opportunity. They know the worth of hiring skilled advisors to work with them and handle the things they do not excel at doing themselves. Their time is limited and they know where it should be applied. They create systems, hire the right people to run those systems and go start the next company. Once the plan has been implemented they are back to doing what they do best. This business owner is typically more hands on with the day to day operations and not interested in serial entrepreneurism. 

Equity Trust Company

Equity Trust is the custodian for our clients accounts. We chose them to provide safeguarding of client assets. Equity also allows us to work with a trust company rather than a broker dealer. By working with Equity we have the ability to provide Self Directed IRA's. 

orion services

Orion Services integrate with the Equity Client Portal. Orion provides tax cost basis and performance reporting.

money guide pro

Money Guide Pro is Financial Planning Software. It integrates with Orion and is the basis for all of our client recommendations. Through Money Guide we can write a personal financial plan for you, your family and business. We will assess your current financial standing, risk level, asset allocation, needs, wants and wishes to determine the most appropriate path for you.